KIK: The first electronic collective from Cairo, Egypt


KIK (Kairo Is Koming) is an interferer in the traditional Egyptian music scene. Being the first electronic collective in this country, KIK shows a completely different musical taste than the actual Egyptian artists.

Their story began in 2012 when Hussein, Nader, Ismaïl, Bosaina, Asem and Ahmed met for the first time and realized the challenge: the Cairo music scene is underdeveloped and has little value for the electronic genre. Therefore, the six members decided to put their efforts and talents in a collective. Convinced that the only way to succeed in the music business was to sign with a label, KIK started to send its demos to different foreign record labels; all in vain. The members understood that electronic music was not their scene, it was the one of those foreign labels (e.g. Eastern Europe). 

Since then, the six members try to get a place in the Cairo music landscape, impelling a new genre for the Egyptian capital. The collective has even built -with its own money- a minimal recording studio called Epic 101. 

Without the same music resources (i.e. concert spaces, studios, equipment, professionals) than Europe and the U.S, each KIK’s member is using its own skills to make it come true: Bosaina designs visual works, Ahmed and Ismail organize events – they opened in November 2013 their own concert hall called “Wind” – and Hussein is in charge of the production. At the moment, none of them can live from music.

The six artists have released last December a compilation of their songs entitled KIKMASS available on Soundcloud.


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A hidden gustative paradise in NYC / Hudson Clearwater Restaurant


I’ve been in NYC for few days during Thanksgiving and had the chance to discover some of the best hidden places in New York. One of them is called the Hudson Clearwater restaurant where I fell in love with the delicious food.

Hidden behind a small patio with no sign in a very tiny street in West Village, this foodies place is very popular towards the hipsters of New York.

The menu changes seasonally and is filled of savory ingredients with a wide variety of products (duck, fish, red meat, etc.). The Chef, Wes, told me that he began to be popular a year ago only by word of mouth. Since that, he hasn’t made any advertising and that is why it makes this place even more delectable.

With a very small kitchen by the bar, a well-trained and quite huge team, the Hudson Clearwater is probably the illustration of this new generation of foodies. A generation of food lovers that are in the quest for quality rather than quantity  and wants to reinvent popular dishes.

Here is the link to the website where you can browse their menus -> 


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A taste of Out Of Africa


To all the food, wine and life lovers,

My article today is about a place that I particularly affectionate in a country where people are genuinely generous : South Africa.

Who has never been blown away by those beautiful landscapes seen in the movie Out Of Africa? Well, if you are looking to live this for real – of course without the drama  –   La Petite Ferme is the place for you! And if you add good food, delicious wine, you will make this place your new home.

Owned by the Dendy family for two generations, this food and winery safe haven incarnates a century of wine passionates in a colorful valley called Frankschhoek (“the French Corner”).

About an hour drive North-East from Cape Town, and a few kilometres from the world renowned wine school the Cape Wine Academy, Frankschhoek became the South African wine region in 1688 after that the French Huguenots refugees settled there and started to import there wine knowledge.

If you are planning to go for a safari or a trip in South Africa, don’t miss out this beautiful scenary that the wine region and especially La Petite Ferme have to offer ! Here is the link :


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Belgian comedian Julien Tshikuna living the American Dream!


Julien Tshikuna, an emerging and talented comedian, will be playing live this Friday 11/8 at the Infusion lounge at 7:30p.m. Do not miss his offbeat and frank humor that the young artist has mastered since he came in the U.S. only a year ago !

Born and raised in Belgium, Julien has always dreamt about this famous American Dream. For North Americans, this phrase seems a little bit cliché, but for a lot of people from all around the world it is still accurate. And Julien is the voice of this generation that still wants to make it happens in the U.S.:

Here, I can play live shows and get paid! This is f***ing amazing right ?! When I used to travel to Congo every year to visit some members of my family, I would practice in different places there; usually restaurants. I would receive free chicken wings if my show was good. If you were really good, you would get a side of steamed rice! Laugh Julien.

Married and full-time employee in Los Angeles, Julien is trying to practice his humor live on stage once to twice every week. And it is to his credit when barely a year ago, the showman was still practicing his humor in French in Belgium and did not speak a word of English. Well done !

His next show this coming FridayImage

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An uncommon festival: the Food Film Festival NYC


“Himself he cooks”, from Valérie Berteau and Philippe Witjes

Last week was held the third Food Film Festival in New York. A look from the inside of a winemaker, a pastry chef, etc.

One of the winner includes, “Himself he cooks”, from Valérie Berteau and Philippe Witjes. It captures the life of a cook at the Golden Temple in Amritsar, India, which distributes fifty thousand free meals per day, everyday! Thanks to the two Belgian filmmakers, the movie has received the award for best feature film at the Food Film Festival in New York.

Here is the link to the trailer that shows the silent choreography of meal preparations ->

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3D paintings from Keng Lye

You think that those are real fishes… You’re wrong. There are real paintings! And it’s quite surprising.

To obtain this realistic effect, Keng Lye has realized his aquatic paintings on successive layers of transparent resins. A stunning result!

3D paintings peintures-en-3d-2 peintures-en-3d-13


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Real Banksy’s artworks for only 60$!!!

As you may know, most of Banksy’s artworks are usually sold for hundreds of thousands of dollars in auctions. But, the waggish British artist has decided to sell out his works in New York city streets on the 12th of October for only 60$!!!

This video has been filmed on purposed and operates under his new exhibition “Better Out Than In”. A new way to recall that his work belongs to the street and not to art galleries.



October 29, 2013 · 7:32 PM